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Discover Our Best Choice Large Wood Cutting Board.

by Jerry Barker on Dec 17, 2023

Discover Our Best Choice Large Wood Cutting Board.

In regard to the kitchen, the proper implements will prove indispensable for your cooking process. The cutting board is one crucial but usually overlooked instrument.

A large wooden cutting board

might just change the game for many people who prefer smaller ones. This comprehensive guide is going to discuss the benefits of a large wood cutting board, different wood options available plus several creative and non-traditional uses of these kitchen essentials.

Advantages of a larger wood cutting board;

More Space, More Efficiency:

The main advantage of having a large wooden cutting board is that you have large work surface. As opposed to the common ones which are small so as to fit in one’s kitchen area, large cutting board provides enough space for movement.

Having room and comfort when working on such activities as cutting of vegetables, slicing of meat and dicing of herbs can make very big difference in terms of effectiveness in the kitchen.

The benefit here is that with a large cutting board, you can push aside ingredients as you go thereby making sure your workplace remains organized.

Enhanced Safety:

An overcrowded work space increases accidental possibilities within a kitchen. An environment that is safe could be created by using a large wood cutting plate.

Additionally, the increased amount of space gives you a chance to keep your fingers away from the knife and minimize the cuts.

 In addition, using a large cutting board increases the safety since there are fewer chances of accidental slips that could occur when an individual chops or slices.


Versatility in Food Preparation:

Food preparation is flexible with a wide wood cutting board. A bigger board will allow you to chop different veggies and even a complete set of meals where necessary.

A large cutting board will cover any situation, whether it’s chopping veggies for a stir-fry or carving a roast for an event. It can serve you in all cooking purposes because of its size and robustness.

Selecting the right wood for your giant cutting board.

It is very important to note the wood used when you are picking a big wood cutting board. There are different types of wood available for them, each offering distinct advantages regarding durability, knife-friendly properties, and overall look.

Here are some popular wood options to consider:



Bamboo cutting boards of large size, from 18 inches long to an even 24 inches.


One can typically find large maple cutting boards measuring between 18” and 24”.


Walnut cutting boards are usually available in lengths that range between 18 and 24 inches long.


Acacia is often produced in large formats – from 18″-24″ length boards.


 Usually, cherry cutting boards can be up to 18-25 inches long.


Teak is an often used wood for large cutting boards, usually measuring between 18 and 24 inches in size.


Oak cutting boards are usually availably in lengths of between eighteen and twenty four inches, depending on the size.


The length of large ash cutting boards is typically between 18” and 24”.


The large beech cutting board comes with measurements of between 18 and 24 inches.

These approximate sizes vary depending on each brand or a particular product.


Ensure you choose your wood well when making a large cutting board by considering its hardness, knife-friendliness, and aesthetics. Select a wood that you like plus works effectively in your kitchen decoration style.


End Grain vs. Edge Grain Cutting Boards:


it is important to know why end grain and edge grain cutting boards are different so that you can choose among the available options wisely.

End Grain Cutting Boards:

They produce end grain boards where pieces of wood cut in end are arranged like a chessboard.' The usage of this construction technique is beneficial in multiple aspects.

Knife edges tend go to end grain boards because they are less harsh and hence there is low likelihood of dullness occurring.

 Moreover, they are less susceptible to cracks or warps. End grain cutting boards present unusual look, their patterns and uneven texture.

Nevertheless, we need to remember that end grain cutting boards need more care than edge grain ones.

However, they are usually costlier and must receive constant oiling to keep them intact. It is very important to have proper care of end grain boards because if they start to warp or split, this will be dangerous even for the sharp knives as well as safety of yourselves.


Edge Grain Cutting Boards:

These are long strips of wood placed side next to each other and then glued together to create solid surfaces.

They tend to be more popular and cheap compared with face grain boards. They are cheaper in production and have less costs of repair as well.

Due to these traits, edge grain cutting board has become a practical choice when it comes to daily usage.

When taken care of, these types are known not to go down in a span of several years as warping and cracking would be avoided.

  Also, it is enough to oil these boards from time to time so that they are always in a good condition.

You should keep in mind that the edge grain cutting boards require more work while end grain are easier to maintain at a higher price tag at the same time. Either way, you will be served well by either type.

Alternative uses of wooden cutting boards:


Although large wooden cutting boards are very good at what they were made for, it is also possible to use them for other purposes. Here are some unconventional uses for your large wood cutting board:

Centerpiece Tray:

The best way to use it is by placing a large wood cutboard board as the center piece at the dining table. Rather than use a conventional service tray, position the cutting board at the center of a dining table and put decor items upon it.

It gives that rustic and natural look which is quite suitable for both casual meals as well as special occasions.


Charcuterie Board:

These include wooden boards for large wood cutting boards that are perfect to prepare one’s charcuterie boards. A selection of cheeses, cured meat, fruits, and crackers can be arranged for a colorful and tasty spread in the board.

 The cutting board with its big surface will give you a chance to prepare appetizer table to be enjoyed by your guests.

 Plant Stand:

A large cutting board such as a wooden one could serve both as a plant holder and a stylish accessory to your house in case you have some of small potted plants. Sit the board upon a counter top, or even window site, and place the plants’ on the surface of it.

Their natural wood blends well with the greenery forming an impression of some sort of garden. The cutting surface is much bigger than normal sizes, which helps in prevent water marks on your surfaces and provide reliable base for the plants.

 Hot Dish Holder:

Place your large wood-cutting board on the table and serve piping hot dishes. When you need to keep hot pots and pans away from your countertops/tables, put them on the cutting board instead. Wood is heat resistant, and therefore suitable for such a function.

Art Easel:

Create something with a larg wood cutting board-turned easel. Attach your canvas or art paper to or with a cutting board using some clips or tapes. A solid ground with inclination, therefore, serves as an ideal easel for sketching and painting pictures.

Caring for your large wood cutting board:

It is important to take care of your large cutting board if you wish it to last and work well. Here are some tips for maintaining your cutting board:


Wipe your hand carved wood cutting board with mild soft, soapy, warm waterr. Do not immerse it into water or wash using a dishwasher. It may lead to warp or crack.


Ensure you wipe off your cutting board using clean cloth after rinsing. Keep is dry or allow it to dry after use because excessive humidity will result in molds and mildews.


After some time, the cutting board will have scars and roughened areas. Using good quality of sand paper for cleaning it gently will help you give it a smooth board again. Ensure that you oil afterwards to cover and shield the freshly sanded regions.

Adherence to these preventive maintenance tips will ensure that your large wooden chopping block lasts and stays in perfect condition throughout.




Who prefer large wood cutting board?

People with large wood cutting boards are often those who usually cook many times or prepare food consisting of big foodstuffs that need much space and work on different goods at the same time.

Also some people like entertaining and using it as a serving platter too.

Which is the best normal kitchen size wood cutting board?

A wood cutting board measuring between 12 inches and 16 inches is usually appropriate for a regular kitchen.




Wooden cutting board cannot be compared in anything with any kitchen set except a kitchen of aristocrats and gentry. It is a large piece well suited for use in the kitchen where it helps in the food preparation process and other uses as well.

The size of a large cutting board also ensures that it offers plenty of room for all your cutting, carving, and even serving purposes.Taking good care of it will ensure it serves you forever.

Therefore, buy a large wooden cutting board for yourself and see how it can improve your cooking skills as well as boost your creativity in the kitchen. Hence purchase large wooden chopping board today and know everything it can do for you. Make this flexible tool you cooking partner as well as your decorative item at home.



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